Snow-capped mountains in Africa? Yep. You might be surprised to find out that the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda are indeed snow-capped. But a lot about this unique country would surprise you! Sporting one of the youngest and also most hospitable populations in the world, it’s a country rich in wildlife and natural wonders. No wonder Winston Churchill coined it “the pearl of Africa.” However, at the same time Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world, with most surviving on less than a dollar a day. If you join this Uganda mission trip, you’ll be hitting streets, villages, and orphanages, seeking out the younger population as we share the Good News. What is required is a flexible and adventurous spirit. Does that sound like you?

outreachThis team is still in the development stage and we are currently working with contacts in Uganda and exploring all of our ministry options. What is already clear and very exciting is that there are great opportunities for relational ministry that will put us on the ground and into the heart of the community. It is said that the hospitality of the Ugandan’s needs to be experienced to believe, which should be amazing news for all who seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus. More information will come soon, but you can be sure of this – we are seeking to meet critical ministry needs and find the best ways we can give of ourselves in service. Close
what-will-i-eatThe world is full of amazing food … Chinese, French, Italian, or Thai (that is if you like spicy). But let’s be honest, how many of you have gone out for Ugandan food? Anyone? You will have the opportunity to try Ugandan dishes like Ugali (think thick corn porridge) and other cultural dishes while you’re there! But mostly you’ll be making your meals as a team with items you bring to Uganda, and supplemented by purchasing fresh bread, fruit, and veggies locally. We’ll make you this promise - you will eat in Uganda! Close
where-will-i-sleep-weakWhile many groups expect to be put up in Western-style accommodations, Royal Servants believes it’s important to live, as well as work, amongst the people. You and your teammates will be staying in a small, comfortable, African-quality hotel close to where you’ll be doing the bulk of your ministry. Beds, showers, and a place to unwind after an intense day of ministry - the hotel will be your home away from home!Close
who-should-goWorking in poor areas requires a person with a compassionate heart, a love for the people, a sense of adventure, and a willingness to ignore the sights and smells of abject poverty that characterizes the areas that the team will work in. Willing to get your hands dirty? Not afraid to live among the people? Desire a ministry that is so far beyond your ability to do it that you need to rely on Christ each minute of the day? If so, then maybe the Uganda mission trip is right for you.Close
adventureAll great adventures involve spontaneity and flexibility. The best attitude to have is to be willing to tackle the day with a smile and a spirit full of spunk, and see where the unexpected might take you because in Uganda, adventure is a daily occurrence! And that’s not to mention all the adventure awaiting you in the amazing natural treasures Uganda has in abundance. You will hike into rainforests and see wildlife unique to only this part of the world! You don’t get adventures like that when you go to Europe!Close
spiritual-growthGrowth requires risk, vulnerability, and challenge. Traveling to a land like Uganda – a place set in such a beautiful location, yet with a population that struggles just to survive – you cannot help but be challenged at every corner with opportunities to grow. But if you are willing, God will use these experiences to cause you to grow, bear more fruit, and develop within you a deeper understanding of the needs of the world. It won’t always be easy, and you’re going to learn to trust the Lord each and every day…but maybe that’s just where God wants you to be! You’ll walk away from the Uganda mission trip having really been challenged to own your faith in new ways.Close
experience-the-cultureTourists love Uganda, in 2012 Lonely Planet named it “the top tourist location”. However, from the comfort of 4-star hotels and deluxe air-conditioned buses, tourists tend to view the culture of Uganda from the outside. But you won’t have a tourist experience next summer, every day you’ll be walking the streets of the slums, smelling the sewage and seeing poverty. Whether sleeping, eating, or doing Kingdom work, you’ll be seeing Uganda and its wonderful people from the inside!Close
ministry-partnersDid you know that nearly 50% of the population in Uganda is under the age of 14? It’s true! This is an incredible ministry challenge and opportunity for the whole team. Therefore, you’ll be working alongside local churches and Ugandan believers, partnering together to reach out to the young men and women who embody Uganda’s warm and vibrant culture. Close
After spending several amazing weeks ministering in Uganda, you will remain in Uganda where you will spend time intentionally looking back over your summer experiences and processing all that the Lord did in and through you. Time will be set aside for journaling, praying, reflecting and preparing for returning and impacting your world for Christ back home. Debriefing is a rich, as well as fun time, and the perfect way to cap an amazing summer.Close


  1. Students June 24 - July 29
  2. Staff Disciplers June 17 - July 29
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Uganda Required Support

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  • Airfare & Ground Costs: $4,395
  • Spending Money: $365
  • TOTAL: $4760
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  • Airfare & Ground Costs: $4,395
  • Spending Money: $400
  • TOTAL: $4795

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Uganda Trip Leader

  • Matt Halseth - Full Bio >>
  • I am the Leader for the Uganda mission trip. I have served in missions and youth ministry since 1999. My work has taken me all over the world to more than 30 countries, including student mission trips to China, Kenya, Russia, Slovakia, Ireland, Nepal, Sierra Leone and the United Kingdom.

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