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Meghan Murphy

Training Team Intern

My Personality

  • I like: Playing games and sports, exploring the outdoors, and learning new things.
  • I love: Helping others to see God all around, watching movies with family and friends, seeing the sunrise, and spontaneous adventures.
  • I Can’t Get Enough Of: Good music and Mexican food
  • People say: I make strange noises in my sleep, I’m a good listener, and I’m accepting of people.

About Meghan Murphy

I grew up in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a loving and supportive family. It was in college that the Lord began to grow my passion for discipleship and ministry. While earning a degree in Communication from Carroll University, I worked part-time with Fellowship of Christian Athletes doing administrative work. I loved connecting my love for sports with life-changing ministry. I was also involved with the campus ministry InterVarsity where the Lord challenged me to lead evangelistic Bible studies and train others to do the same. My faith and sense of purpose grew tremendously as I learned what it meant to follow Jesus’ example of discipleship and reaching the lost. Now I’m thrilled to be serving with Reign Ministries in the UK. I am so passionate about building relationships with young people and helping them to know Christ as King.

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