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Melia Ives

Finance Team

My Personality

  • I Like: Cozy environments. I enjoy finding fun, meaningful and interesting things in my travels, at thrift stores, garage sales or retail clearance racks to make our places special.
  • I Love: Coming alongside women who are dedicated to God and need a little encouragement on the journey for a period of time.
  • I can’t get enough of: Anything British. I am a RIDICULOUS anglophile.
  • People Say: (I asked my dear co-workers as we opened the mail here at the Reign office today what they would say) I am loving, a good listener, and love to pray with others.

About Melia Ives

My dad, Louie Inks, the founder of Reign Ministries, has always had a dream and a passion to see students’ lives impacted powerfully by God, and I have had a front row seat to that all my life. My husband Tom and I joined Reign Ministries in 1983, and it has been an amazing 30 years together within this ministry. We are deeply privileged and grateful to serve alongside our staff and students who continue the dream with incredible passion.

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Please contact me with any questions you may have at