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Pre-Summer Letters

Pre-Summer Letters

Royal Servants pre-summer letters are “letters” written by many of our Royal Servants staff that we send out to all of you (students, Staff Disciplers, assistants, and parents) traveling with us on Royal Servants mission trips! Along with IMPORTANT information, we love to share with you our stories and experiences of encouragement from our previous summers for you! We know that this is a great step for many of you, in which can be quite daunting, and we want to help! Our intention with these letters are to engage with you, to help you, and to encourage you as you prepare to leave for the summer!
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Experience More: Confidence

Each year there are always some students who feel God directing them to be on Royal Servants, and then, when they encounter obstacles or barriers, ask “Is the Lord closing the door?” READ MORE »


Experience More: Trust

You are likely headed into a busy season – second semester is half way over, and you’re in the thick of preparing and raising support for your Royal Servants summer.READ MORE »


Experience More: Faith

Asking people for money is giving them the opportunity to put their resources at the disposal of the Kingdom. READ MORE »


Experience More: Practical Support Raising Help

As you walk through preparing, here are some practical ways to help you support raise… READ MORE »


Experience More: Time in the Word

I don’t know about you, but I’m busy. You probably have a lot going on too … READ MORE »


Experience More: Encouragement

Words have power and make a huge difference. As you prepare for your summer overseas… READ MORE »

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Looking for something that you cannot find? Contact us and we’ll help you! Each step and form is important. We encourage you to read through each prep packet and form.

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